The Rate and Fee Schedule for all accounts sets forth certain conditions, rates, fees and charges applicable to your accounts at the Thunder Bay Area Credit Union as of January 01, 2010. This schedule is incorporated as part of that disclosure.

Fees Applicable To All Accounts (Except Certificates)

Returned Deposit Item Fee$20.00 Per Item
ACH Returned Insufficient$25.00 Per Item
Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee$5.00 Per Transfer
Account/Transaction Research Fee$20.00 Per Hour (Minimum $10.00)
Dormant Account Fee (No Activity In 1 Year)$2.00 Per Month
Escheat Fee$100.00 Per Account
Statement Copy Fee$1.00 Per Page
Garnishment/Levy Fee$30.00 Each
Stop Payment Fee$10.00 Per Order
Fax$1.00 First Page
.50 Additional Pages
Wire Transfer Fee$10.00 Per Transfer
Postal Address Correction Fee$5.00

Share Draft Account Fees

Drafts Returned/Non-returned Insufficient$20.00 Per Draft
Stop Payment Fee (Draft orACH)$10.00 Per Order
Draft Copy Fee$1.00 Per Check
Starter Check Fee$1.00 Per Page (4 Checks Per Page)