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Personal Loans:

If you’re thinking about a loan, Thunder Bay Area Credit Union gives you great choices. A Personal Loan is a fixed rate loan that can be used for any purpose. provides you with a ready source of funds for anything life throws your way. Whether you plan on going on vacation, financing for school, replacing a TV, or anything in between, TBACU offers great rates on loans to get you what you need.

Line of Credit:

You can use a revolving line of credit for vacations, home decorating, televisions, or even to pay off higher rate credit cards. You’ll get competitive rates with the added convenience of access to your credit line whenever you need it.

Debt Consolidation:

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all those bills? We can help! If you’re over your head with high monthly payments, outrageous rates and credit challenges, consolidate your monthly bills into one low-rate loan with one manageable monthly payment.