Who Can Join?

 Can I Open an Account?

  • Membership in this credit union is open to:
  • Individuals who live or work in Alpena County, Michigan
  • Any person over the age of 55 who receives a retirement annuity, pension, social security or similar retirement payment from private or government sources and lives in or belongs to a retirement organization located in the county or in a county contiguous to the county where the credit union’s main office is located
  • Employees of this credit union Members of the immediate families of the foregoing
  • Organizations, incorporated or otherwise, composed for the most part of the same general group making up the membership outlined above
  • A spouse of a deceased member if elected to membership prior to remarriage

In order to comply with the USA Patriot Act, Thunder Bay Area Credit Union is required to verify the identity of members applying for and opening new accounts or services. Some of the information we use may include your name, address, tax identification number and date of birth. Additional information may be requested. Confidentiality of the information gathered by us for this purpose will be maintained as required under the Privacy Act.